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A present for you!

The goal of Energiebox Amsterdam is to increase the comfort in your home and to save money on your energy bills. Together with the city of Amsterdam, we are offering Amsterdam tenants our free Energy Box: a box filled with energy saving products and some tips from our energy coach. By using the products and following the tips, residents can easily reduce their energy consumption, increase their living comfort and save money on their energy bills. At the same time, we will be making Amsterdam a bit more sustainable!


Where and when are our coaches visiting?

Our coaches will be working from February 1st until October 31st (2022). We are only advising tenants in the following neighbourhoods: Slotermeer Zuidwest (February - April), Betondorp (May-June), Slotervaart-Zuid (June - August) and the Kolenkitbuurt (August - September). More neighbourhoods will be added soon. Please note that our planning depends on the number of interested residents and could therefore still change.

Have we already visited your neighbourhood but were we unable to visit your home? Then check out Stichting !WOON.

Hoe werkt het?


You receive a letter from the city of Amsterdam, in which it is stated that the energy coach will soon be visiting you.

Sign up

Signing up is not necessary. But, if you do so - and when you are a tenant in our field - we are putting aside a box for you.

Box and advice

Our energy coach provides you with personal advice on how to save energy and gives you the box with products.

Advisory report

After your conversation with our energy coach, you receive an e-mail with the personal tips and amount of money you can save.

What's in the box?

The Energy Box is filled with useful products which will help you instantly reduce your energy consumption. On average, they will save you up to 100 euros on your energy bills. The box contains the following items:

  • Two LED lights
  • A power strip with on/off switch
  • Radiator foil
  • A shower timer
  • A thermometer (for fridge/freezer)
  • A feed-through plug with on/off switch
  • A time switch
  • Weatherstrips
  • A mailbox draft barrier (if needed)

What does a visit by the Energy Coach look like?

A few weeks after you have received our letter, the energy coach will visit your house. He will ring your doorbell (or knock on the door) to see if you are home. You can regocnize our coaches by their name tags, which also contain the City of Amsterdam logo and the Energiebox logo. If you are not interested in our visit, the coach will move on to the next house. If you are interested in our visit, the coach will take about 15 minutes of your time. The conversation takes place at your doorstep, we are not coming inside. You can talk to the coach about the energy saving measures you have already taken, or ask what a good first step could be. Aside from this advice, the coach will give you the box with products. You can ask the coach about the products. If everything is clear to you, the coach will write down some details (such as your e-mail address) so you will receive your personal advisory report. This report contains your personal energy saving advice and the amount of money you can save on a yearly basis. You are now able to start saving energy!

Will I receive the Energy Box?

Within the city of Amsterdam, our coaches operate within the neighbourhoods of Slotermeer-Zuidwest, Betondorp, Slotervaart-Zuid and the Kolenkitbuurt (see also our schedule above). If you are a tenant in one of these areas, you will receive a letter from the city of Amsterdam a few weeks before our coaches visit your neighbourhood. Once you have had your letter, one of our coaches will ring your doorbell to offer you the Energy Box. Signing up is not necessary. But if you are afraid we will run out of boxes before we reach your home, you can still sign up so we will keep a box aside for you.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to schedule an appointment with our coaches. If you were not at home when the coach rings your doorbell, they will try again within 1-2 weeks. If you really want to make an appointment, you can do so at Stichting !WOON.

When am I not eligable for the Energy Box?

If you live in another neighbourhood than the ones mentioned above, we are not able to offer you an Energy Box. Do you live in Amsterdam Zuidoost or Noord? Please check out Klimaatroute's website. Do you live in another part of the city or are you a home owner? Then please check out Nieuw Amsterdams Klimaat to see if there are any initiatives for you.

About team Energiebox Amsterdam

Started this February, team Energiebox Amsterdam is working hard to provide as many residents as we can with the free Energy Box. With our door-to-door approach, our team of energy coaches is able to visit a lot of residents. Our coaches provide residents with easy-to-use energy saving products and a personal advice on how to save even more energy (and money). They are able to tell you more about energy reduction measures, about the products in the box and any other energy-related questions you might have. After a visit from our coach, you can directly start saving energy - and money.